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The theatre is beautiful, the facilities are the best, but the most important is the people who manage it. They are fantastic and make us feel at home every time.

Elize & Wilson Cawood

Atterbury Theatre gives artists the opportunity to act in a professional, real theatre. Every artist’s dream!

Mathys Roets

If I could choose to sing at Atterbury Theatre every night, I could professionally connect to everything and everyone in and around that building

Joe Forster

“The Atterbury Theatre fulfills an unbelievably great need in Pretoria and stands out as a quality venue that offers the country’s best entertainment. Another unique feature is an environment with top-class restaurants for memorable moments. There is no better venue for acting or the technical and aesthetic qualities of the Atterbury Theatre can to match; A real home for artists. It was a privilege to be able to act at the opening, and I hope that one day I will be able to do my last show with a zimmer frame at the Atterbury Theatre!”

Anna Davel

“I consider Atterbury to be the best concert venue in the country due to its central location, cleanliness, excellent equipment, effective staff and fantastic acoustics. There is also a safe, secure parking space and several excellent restaurants. The atmosphere of the theatre is pleasant and conducive to any kind of art. Long live the Atterbury Theatre!”

Danie Niehaus

Atterbury Theatre is definitely one of the best-equipped theaters in South Africa! My favourite! Defnitely a privilege to perform here.

Bobby van Jaarsveld

“What a privilege to be able to perform at a theater like Atterbury. Everything about the theater is top quality… I will go back again and again.”

Karlien van Jaarsveld

“The Atterbury Theatre is heavenly, because it is a fully-fledged theater: technically well-equipped, backstage area surpasses naughtiest expectations, extremely competent staff. In a nutshell: At the Atterbury Theatre, I feel safe as an artist to act to the best of my ability. ”

Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck