Welcome to Atterbury Theatre

The Atterbury Theatre is a superb classic concert hall, and at the same time it is optimally ‘tuned’ in terms of spatial acoustical properties. The theatre is situated on the corner of Lynnwood Road and Daventry Street in the east of Pretoria as part of the Lynnwood Bridge Retail development.

The theatre was opened on May 18, 2011 with the musical “Stuur Groete aan Mannetjies Roux”. All 24 performances were sold out, and that was just the beginning. From there, it was smooth sailing. More than 400 shows were presented in the first two years and the theatre is still used night after night for a variety of events.

Atterbury Theatre also has a complete Computicket office, which has handled more than 20 000 bookings for the theatre since June 2011. There is also ‘n well-equipped cash bar in the foyer, where guests can enjoy a drink before a show or during interval. The foyer and bar area walks out onto a balcony with a view over one of the most beautiful parts of Pretoria, and flows into the reception area of Odyssey Records.

To view the theatre, don’t hesitate to contact us on 012 942 5951 for an appointment.

Architectural style

The curved auditorium stands out above the adjacent retail development, thus creating a distinctive landmark in the east of Pretoria. On the ground level, the theatre walks out on the piazza, where it forms part of the four separate retail buildings.

An acoustic design model has determined the shape, heights, volumes and surface finishes of the auditorium, which was designed by an acoustic engineer. A modular deflection panel, which consists of rectangular shapes in various combinations and materials, forms part of the side walls of textured plaster. On the inside of the deflection panel is a hidden window that connects the recording studio with the auditorium for visual contact. Timber-slatted back walls and side door panels of wood add warmth from an aesthetic point of view, while at the same time it also serves an acoustic purpose.

The theater has an asymmetrical entrance which invites the theatre-goer in from the restaurants on the piazza. Striking landscaping features and paving patterns complement the natural designs and forms. The well-known sculptor, Angus Taylor, was appointed by Atterbury to create sculptures that are sensitively located to complement this space.

A large steel and glass roof (with lighting) slants up over the recessed entrance to the theatre. A slanted wall of glass with vertical coloured light strips behind it, greets the guests upon entering the foyer, and extend vertically to depict the scale of the auditorium behind. Four of the panels accommodate LCD panels for television shows, commercials or show runs. It is placed on an axis with the asymmetrial entrance.

Studio 3 Architects International, the architecture firm that designed the theatre, was the National Winner of the 8th Saint Gobain Gypsum International Trophy in the Innovation section for selected products used in the design of the ceilings in the theatre. The project was executed by Tekweni Centurion Ceilings.