Bêreboksie vol Vlerke

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Artist/writer Lidi de Waal and composer/performer Lizanne Barnard’s paths crossed about two years ago on face book and from there a very special collaboration developed which resulted in the production Bêreboksie vol Vlerke.

De Waal’s down-to-earth little story-pieces about Ouma and Oom Staal’s love for each other and many other memories as seen through the eyes of “die Kind” and “die Vrou” are masterfully related by the one and only Elize Cawood, a veteran in the South African acting community.

Ouma is not scared to say it as it is and a small dorpie community gets a piece of her mind whether they ask for it or not, but also a piece of her heart and her wonderful eccentric wisdom.

De Waal’s verses were set to music by Lizanne Barnard in her 5-star album “Gevlerktes” which was recently nominated for a Ghoema Award in the category Best Contemporary album by a female artist. These songs, ranging from Boere music and Latin to Reggae and Rock forms the backbone of the production and are performed by a four-piece band, including the multi-instrumentalist Leon Ecroignard, drummer Thys van Deventer and guitarist/singer Pyjama Shark.

Bêreboksie vol Vlerke takes the audience on a journey which will provoke some tears and lots of laughter.

After its launch in May 2018, this production was immediately invited back by the Atterbury Theatre due to its popularity. It is referred to as one of the best shows to hit stages the past two years.

A good idea will be for audience members to loosen up the ties and petty coats as Ouma really doesn’t like to beat about the bush.

Visual projections of Lidi de Waal’s art by Kitchen Floor Tango Productions form part of the show and was directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven.

Artists: Lidi de Waal, Lizanne Barnard, Elize Cawood, Leon Ecroignard, Pyjama Shark and Thys van Deventer