Blondes op 2 Klaviere / Blondes on 2 Pianos

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Elna van der Merwe and Zorada Temmingh have gained recognition (since 2006) as the Blondes, a unique piano duo that specialises in original medleys of the hits of classical composers as well as pop music superstars. They bring classical music to audiences in an easily accessible and light-hearted way, and pop music with a slight classical slant. The Blondes have released four CDs to date, and have performed countrywide as well as in London, UK, and in Israel. Every year they chose new composers: this year’s choice fell to Chopin and Liszt. The most well-known melodies of these two Parisian pianists are presented in a refreshingly innovative manner on two grand pianos by the two Stellenbosch pianists.

Chopin is often referred to as the “poet of the piano”. Unforgettable melodies from his waltzes, nocturnes, preludes, etudes, polonaises and piano concerto’s are woven together in a medley of extremes: delicate grace to heroic greatness. Liszt is often called the “Paganini of the piano”. His high drama, virtuosity and playfulness are evident in a medley including themes from his piano concerto’s, his well-loved Liebestraum and La Campanella, the Consolations, and more.

Then there is also Boland Blues, in which twelve folk songs appear in twelve different keys. The lyrics all refer to something in the Boland. Here and there fun is made of well-known classical works quoted in-between.

The ABBA medley includes their greatest hits, like Money, Money, Money, Waterloo, Fernando, Voulez-Vous, Thank you for the Music, SOS and others. With twenty fingers rocking on two pianos the show is bound to be a sparkling experience.

Artists: Elna van der Merwe and Zorada Temmingh