Dowwe Dolla: Nou of Nooit

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The vultures are circling above, SAA is on Mayday, Tito is trying to Veto, Cyril is stuck in the middle, cause Ace is still running the place, Woolies is selling Hyena friendly Honey, Dolla celebrates 21 years in the industry and Ouma Dowe Dolla is coming for the birthday celebrations  …al of which means South Africa is in bigger trouble than we all thought… “Things will have to change my broer..dis Nou of Nooit!”

And it is now or never to see Dowwe Dolla in action, as she has announced on 18 Jan, that 31 Dec 2020 the stilettos will go back in the box and the lollipop on Gumtree.

No under 16

Artists: Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck &  Coenraad Rall