Full moon fever – Celebrating the music of Tom Petty

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What more can be said of Tom Petty? Rebel, rock n’ roller, 80s superstar, romantic, heartbreaker, blues man, and folk troubadour. Petty refused to bow down to record labels or trends, staying true to his musical vision for over 30 years. His untimely death in 2017 has fuelled renewed interest in his music from analog veterans and phone-obsessed millennials alike.

Blood Brothers is proud to present Full Moon Fever, a journey through Petty’s catalogue with a few surprises thrown in. Some of South Africa’s most seasoned musicians will pay homage to Petty and honor his life and tunes the only way they know how: rocking out. Four special shows are scheduled between 22-30 November at various venues in Gauteng.

The event features Jonathan Tait (Hatchetman, Checkpoint Charlie) and Basson Laushcer (Zinkplaat, Valiant Swart, Ryno Velvet) on guitars and vocals. Jason Hinch (Bok van Blerk, Black Cat Bones, Jonathan Peyper) on drums and Jaco Mans (Bok van Blerk, Tidal Waves) on bass are the rhythm section, with Francois Viljoen (The Voice) on keyboards and backing vocals. An added treat is special guest performer Lucinda Neethling (Die Melktert Kommissie).

The lineup, all ardent Petty fans, will run through a selection of Tom’s Heartbreaker heyday to his solo excursions, with all the hits and sing-along anthems the audience expects, and more.

Artist: Jonathan Tait,  Basson Laushcer,  Jason Hinch,  Jaco Mans,  Francois Viljoen,  Lucinda Neethling