Hannes van Wyk – Sê Groete vir Ma

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Hannes van Wyk will be back on stage with a brand new one-man show, “Sê Groete Vir Ma” on 30th October at the Atterbury Theatre.


The text was written by Desiré Gardner and produced by Sandra Prinsloo and tells the story of Regardt Roberts, a sensitive child growing up on a farm , his mother, the center of his life, his father, not too clever brother, Dewaldt and his pet chicken, Knoop.  A journey of love and humor, of growing old and the inevitable pain of sickness.


This is a story for every member of a family, for everyone who has, or had, or is a mother with humor and tears, brilliantly performed by the talented Hannes van Wyk.

Artists: Hannes van Wyk