Karoo – Kersfees met Deon Meyer & Coenie de Villiers

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Come and celebrate an early Karoo Christmas with world-renowned author Deon Meyer and music legend Coenie de Villiers.  The programme kicks off with some of the best-loved Christmas carols, and then Deon and Coenie will perform their Karoo Suite for the last time in Pretoria.

This show has had South African audiences on their feet, and it will probably be the last performance for the foreseeable future in Pretoria.  But there is good news: the artists will perform a special bonus during the concert.

“Well, we are currently working on Karoo Suite 2: Karoo Nights,” says Coenie.  “This time round we are telling night stories – Deon wrote a book called Karoonagte (Karoo nights), and I wrote the well-known song with the same title.  We thought it would be the ideal occasion to celebrate the beauty of a Karoo night …”

Deon is again the narrator, but this time he is not the photographer as was the case with the first production.    “We use visual material supplied by NASA, as well as by the National Geographic team that recently shot the night skies for that magazine,” says Deon.  Deon is again responsible for the text and is also the narrator on-stage, whilst Coenie is again responsible for the music and staging.

The bonus during Karoo Christmas, is that Coenie and Deon will perform a tantalizing chapter from the new production, despite the full show debuting in 2020.    “We will be performing a single chapter from the Karoo Suite 2 production during the concert,” they enthuse.  “We hope it will tantalize audiences to come to the full production next year!”

They are supported on stage by the crème de la crème of South African musicians:  Jaconell Mouton on keyboards, Mauritz Lotz on guitars and David Klassen on percussion.  Coenie is behind the piano.

Bookings are at iTickets and there is a matinee on 17 November at 14h30.

Artists: Deon Meyer , Coenie de Villiers, Jaconell Mouton, Mauritz Lotz en David Klassen