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Dirk Havenga is the new music teacher in the town of Bloemendal. Once upon a time, in the big city, he experienced extreme hardship as a musician and is now attempting to turn over a new leaf in this dorpie on the platteland. He is methodical and passionate about music but hides behind a curtain of sarcasm and an unwavering work ethic.

Mariette Labuschagne works in the local bookshop. She has been dreaming about a career on stage for her entire life. All she wants to do is sing and perform – with exuberance! She is spontaneous, lively and always ready with a story or a joke. Mariette is ready for her first vocal lesson – but is Dirk?

This combination of forces could either be a recipe for disaster OR it could be the best thing that has ever happened to either of them.

Germandt Geldenhuys (better known as Louis Koster in the popular kykNet-soap Binnelanders) and Je-ani Swiegelaar (better known as Sr Naomi Ferreira in Binnelanders) can be seen on stage together, for the very first time, in this bittersweet comedy. This production promises to touch the audiences’ hearts, minds, funny bones and tear ducts.

Come and be a part of this unique theatre experience where storytelling, music, voices and dreams are weaved together in a glorious tapestry. Come and discover why it is so important to find your own voice, in world that often wants to silence it..

Artists: Germandt Geldenhuys, Je-ani Swiegelaar