Koos Kombuis – Tot die son opkom

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Are you a fan of Koos Kombuis? Do you, in spite of that, sometimes get tired of hearing the same old songs at every live show?

Now is your chance to hear something different. Koos is about to do something different in the Atterbury Theatre on …. 2020. Different and new, but also different… and old!

During the last few months, Koos has re-listened his old albums and he has picked out, and dusted, a number of songs which he had not played during live shows for a long time, or not even once. Songs like “Kaptein Koebaai”, “Winterkind”, “Liedjie vir Marleen”, “Wag Hier tot die Son Opkom”, and many others.

And this time around, Koos will take time to tell the story behind every song; when he wrote it, and why. And perhaps in the telling of these stories, you will also get a sense of hope, and you will know why, in spite of the current situation in our country, still believe in our future.

Artists: Koos Kombuis