Mnr Seks en Mev Kopseer

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“Mr Seks en Mev Kopseer” is a concept as old as the mountains. We already know by this time that the man is always ready for sex whereas the woman might never be ready – not true? It is only recently that they have started talking from the bedroom, and we find that it is actually much more “50 shades of gray”.

In Timothy Kieswetter’s latest educational comedy, he discards all the stereotypical behavior that links us to male and female sex.

Do not allow society to place you in a stereotypical box. We invite you to meet the Alpha man, the Voortrekker-Tannie, the Sexy Tart, the player and many more characters and see how they are de-boxed.

Come and enrich your marriage with this entertaining and hilarious one-man comedy and discover Mr. Seks and Mev Kopseer in a brand new light. This is a comedy you do NOT want to miss.

Age Restriction: No under 18s