Next Generation 4

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Next Generation 4 is an incentive that was started by Kmad Dance Company’s artistic director, Kelsey Middleton, in 2014, to allow young aspiring and up-and -coming choreographers to create a work on professional dancers.

Next generation 4, is proudly hosting Wayne Bester, Justone du Plessis, Mieke Prinsloo, Celia van Tonder, Monique Laurence  and Mari-Claire van Heerden, as choreographers. The dancers forming part of their casts, include seasoned Kmad Dance Company, dancers Nelmari Bornman, Celia van Tonder, Hardy Keeve, Monique Laurence and new comers Wayne Bester, Justone du Plessis and Penny Wolhuter

This is a generation filled with raw talent, innovation and above all, endless passion. Do not miss this opportunity to experience Contemporary dance at its best.

Artists: Kmad Dance Company