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Schalk Bezuidenhout, the curly- haired comedian with his trademark jerseys and sharp tongue, from Kempton Park is the most exciting new voice in South African stand-up since he opened for Trevor Noah in 2015. He has featured in three movies: in the multi- awarded Kanarie, the beloved Danny in the TV series on Kyk Net – Hotel, and as news anchorman in the satirical, Die Nare Waarheid.


Lately he performs overseas in Dubai, London and Edinburgh. He is well – known as the fearless, hilarious comedian. In 2020 Schalk is back with a brand new show combining stand -up comedy with razor sharp songs. He might have sung in a choir and as a Kanarie on the silver screen, but the bottomline is: Schalk can’t sing! Or can he? He shares the stage with the talented music teacher and performing artist Wesley van de Westhuizen who plays various music instruments, so no backtracks. You are in for lots of laughs and fun with Schalk.

No children under 14.

Artists: Schalk Bezuidenhout en Wesley van der Westhuizen