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The actor Erik Holm is so excited to announce a Once -in -a lifetime evening of music, comedy and a few stories and fairy tales. You will experience his new skill playing on his unique guitar specially designed and made for him by the Maestro, Mervin Davis.

Before Erik became famous featuring in numerous TV serials, his passion was music. Music was “die murg in sy pype” (the marrow in his bones)…..

A tragic accident in 2007 left Erik paralyzed. After many months of painful rehab, the function of his arms was restored, but not his fingers, which he needed to play his guitar again. This brought him to a crossroad; he could decide to give up his dream or to go bigger! This was his choice, and resulted in acting in many TV shows, directing films and even playing in many theatre shows, earning him many rewards.

He has been able to tick off many bucket list items such as, scuba diving, parachuting and travelling worldwide. At the moment he is on a campaign to create awareness of people with extraordinary skills and even directing a play for a children’s home, close to his heart.

In 2019, after months of fine- tuning Erik’s new guitar, he is now busy mastering the new “Beast”! When he plays his guitar his much loved passion is back!

Come and enjoy and celebrate a fantastic evening with Erik Holm- don’t miss this special event!

Artists: Erik Holm