Stef Bos: RUIMTE

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Steven “Stef” Bos is a Dutch singer who has been living in Cape Town, South Africa. He sings in Dutch, and has been successful in Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa ever since his breakthrough single “Papa” came out in 1990. He wrote Belgium’s entry into the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest, “Door De Wind. He will begin his 2019 tour at the Atterbury Theatre on 2 February with a new show: “Ruimte”. The press release is in the form of a poem:


Oor spring in die onbekende

Soek verby die grens

Soek verby jou stem

Soek verby wat jy ken

In jouself

En in die wereld buite


Daar altijd n wereld

Wat ons nog nie ken nie

Altyd n taal wat ons nie verstaan

Altyd n wonder wat ons nie kan verklaar nie

Altyd n stem van binne wat praat

Altyd n grens om oor te gaan

RUIMTE gaan vanaf 2 februari in Pretoria n jaar lang op reis

Van Amsterdam naar Windhoek

Van Brussel naar Oos Londen

Van die kop naar die hart

Stef Bos appreciates the world and nature and as he gets older has realized that the most important things in life are not money, power, fame and position, but love, friendship, integrity and empathy. He is not only a singer but also a poet, author and philosopher and he writes songs that will make you sit up and listen and the words will linger on in your mind and inspire you.