Franna Benadé will be bringing, as always, the highlight of his year to Atterbury Theatre.

This year his latest CD ‘ONE VOICE’ will be released on the 11th December 2019 in this popular theatre, and be the inspiration for an unforgettable, energetic and inspiring evening.

December’s relaxing family-time-together lies ahead!! For Franna the family circle lies very close to his heart – blood family, spiritual family, circle of friends… thus he has decided to celebrate FAMILY. Franna invites each person “Today you may find yourself outside such a circle – come and be filled and be part of an enormous family celebration, because we don’t have to have the same blood in our veins to be family… Perhaps you are already part of a close family… then just come and ‘celebrate’!”

Whenever we hear ONE voice, whenever our families hear ONE voice, whenever the oppressed hear ONE voice, and react to it – then there is safety, then there is prosperity in every sense of the word, and then breakthrough will follow.

One Voice will speak and minister deep in your soul.

Date: 11 December 2019, 19:00

Tickets: R120 – R 150

Bookings: iTickets or 012 942 5951