Dear Theatre Friends,

For time being our doors are closed during the lock down period, but we were hard at work behind the scenes and on the theatre’s stage.

Atterbury Theatre and Optog! brings shows to our audience to be able to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. You’ve supported us for so many years and came to us, now we’re bringing the theatre to you!

Our vision has always been to bring our audience the best quality productions and to keep the arts alive, whether it was personally in the theatre or now virtually.

During this difficult time, we still want to ensure our audience that we will continue to work to keep the Atterbury theatre alive and bring as many possible shows to you as we all miss the theatre, because we certainly do not forget our wonderful goers. We will always be thankful for each of you. Your contribution, your commitment, your care. You are the heart of Atterbury Theatre.

Keep our social media platforms tracking for more information, and write to us with any questions or if you might just want to say hello to;

On that note, we bring a new show to you this weekend, Mathys Roets & Mauritz Lotz! Recorded at the Atterbury Theatre during the lock down!

There are also many exciting shows in the pipeline, keeping our newsletters tracking!

Stay safe, we see you soon!

Greetings, Atterbury Theatre.