Good Day Atterbury Newsletter Friends,

I have just returned from the Aardklop Festival. Although “Koningin Lear” walked away with most of the awards, and is much too expensive for most theatres, there were a few excellent productions which a theatre like ours can still afford.” Kamphoer “a one-woman show by Sandra Prinsloo was absolutely brilliant, deserving an Oscar! An extra show had to be scheduled as all the shows sold out! Luckily it can be seen at our theatre at the end of February 2020.

“Sê Groet vir Ma”, was a heart breaking, sincere performance by Hannes van Wyk and a show which will linger on in your mind, a show for every mother and for everyone who has a mother!Don’t miss this beautiful show at our theatre on 30th October.

Charl du Plessis’s solo show was awarded The Best Musically – driven Production as well as Best Performance – Music and to my mind one of the best shows at Aardklop this year! Fortunately it will feature at our theatre on 23rd February 2020.

October has shows to care for every taste!

9 October, 20h00 – Journey to Reborn

On 9 October 2019, PEDRO BARBOSA will be performing at The Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria. The show, JOURNEY TO REBORN, is a storytelling production comprising of songs from his album REBORN, and his JOURNEY TO REBORN EP, which will be released on the same day.

PEDRO, who recently received second place in the ‘Adult Contemporary’ category at the International Songwriting Competition, as well as first place in the ‘Sing Your Heart Out / Love Songs’ category, aims to create an intimate atmosphere for the show. Instead of just another show, the singer songwriter is setting out to create an experience by adding value and respect in paying homage to his music and the stories behind them.

A journey through the years, the show will feature all original songs with many styles of music written by PEDRO leading up to the release of his first solo album, REBORN in 2018.

“I want the audience to get drawn into the songs and feel the lyrics whilst taking the journey with the musicians on stage. The objective of the show is to inspire and to make people feel the emotional message of the music.” says PEDRO.

PEDRO will be performing on the night with a six piece band featuring: Mark Beling (Mean Mr Mustard) on guitar and vocals, Pedro Barbosa on acoustic guitar/vocals, ukulele and cavaquinho, Annie Curtin on drums and vocals, Adam Thomas on bass and vocals, and Roland Dyers on keyboards and synths. There will also be a percussionist, a 16 year old boy named Stephan Rosenmeyer, with whom PEDRO has worked with in various shows supporting the integration of Autism into society.

Music genres covered in the show will include adult contemporary as per REBORN, the album and JOURNEY TO REBORN, the EP, but also other songs and music PEDRO has written throughout the years which will feature elements of Latin, African, Rock, Soul, R&B, Funk and more.

“REBORN gave me the strength and belief that I could succeed in doing what I want, and now I would like to share that feeling with others. I want to take people on a journey of love, fear, strength, failure, self-evaluation, and achievement, and want them to leave the show inspired.”

11 + 12 October, Various – Kierang & Katryn

Kierang enjoys causing trouble for disobedient children. Katryn follows his advice and the result is that her toys take off for Toyland. They land up in Wriemel wood where dangers lurk and there they meet up with Wriemels and the Spinnejafels. Teddie’s sweet tooth lands him in trouble and who will rescue him? Perhaps Peanut or Smartie, the two little dogs, or die friendly Chakkalakkies? Will Katryn ever find her toys and become an obedient little girl again?


A selected group of South Africa’s most promising young pianists will participate in the 9th Atterbury National Piano Competition this year, from 14 to 18 October in the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria. This competition was established in 2011 by Claudine van Breda and Dr Willie de Jager, after they identified a shortage of opportunities where young pianists could compete equally on a national level. It remains the only competition of its kind in South Africa.

The total prize money concerned is R115 000, of which the cash prize for the overall winner amounts to at least R35 000. The 3 categories in which pianists participate are 12 years and younger, 15 years and younger and 19 years and younger. Selection takes place by means of a DVD recording, and strict rules apply regarding the required repertoire. A record number of 49 pianists were selected this year, with an equal amount of participants from Pretoria and Johannesburg. However, there are also candidates from Limpopo, the Free State, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.

The official opening takes place on Monday the 14th of October at 18h30. Colette du Toit, the overall winner of the competition in 2018, who is currently a first year BMus at the University of Pretoria, will deliver a short program. Thereafter the 2019 participants will be called to the stage and presented to the audience.

The competition consists of 4 rounds. Each candidate will participate in Round 1 and 2 on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October from 08h00 until 18h00. Thereafter the 18 semi-finalists will be announced who will participate in Round 3 on Thursday 17 October from 13h00. After completion of this round 9 finalists from the 3 categories will be announced, and the competition will conclude with the gala event on Friday 18 October at 19h00. The adjuducators for 2019 are Mr Marius du Plessis, Prof Hubert van der Spuy (patron) and Prof Wessel van Wyk. The main sponsor is Atterbury Trust, but several other sponsorships contribute yearly to the continued existence of the competition..

All rounds are open to the public. Entrance to the opening ceremony as well as initial 3 rounds are free, however tickets for the final round can be obtained from iTickets ( 012 942 5951).

20 October, 16h00 – DONKIE

Frank Opperman is back with a brand new one-man show and it promises to be more touching than his previous shows and have audiences in stiches of laughter.

In “Donkie” we meet Mr. Barry Swart, 58 year old principle of the High School Hans Oosthuizen, a formal model C-school. The nickname everyone has chosen for him is “Donkie”.

Mr. Swart is under great pressure due to an article in a Sunday Newspaper about the decline of his proud school. The academic achievement of the learners is not good and the first rugby team has lost the last five matches.

They are experiencing disciplinary problems and there has been an incident in one of the classes. It also seems that Afrikaans will, one of these days, no longer be the teaching language.

The governing body, as well as some of the parents and teachers wants to nail him. He is considering resigning and then, one Monday morning, he decides to explain his situation….

21 October, 19h00 – ‘n AAND van AANBIDDING saam met RETIEF BURGER

Retief Burger’s passion for God and worship has echoed across our country for more than two decades. This unique night of worship with a full band promises to take you deeper into the throne room of God. With five new Afrikaans worship songs and some old favorites, you can join this united chorus of worship as a live CD will also be recorded. Come and let your voice arise to worship the King worthy of our praise!

26 October, 20h00 – OPTOG! Radio Kalahari Orkes

Featuring Ian Roberts, Dan Roberts, Rian Malan and orkes.

The Radio Kalahari Orkes is grounded in Ghoema-, Latin – and African- styles. They bring you a load of acoustic instruments: guitars, a dobro, harmonics, double bass, accordion, gazoos and a legendary old Fender Telecaster. Unique and authentic with subtle humour from the renowned Ian Roberts.

The Group was awarded with a FAK Prestige award in 2017 for their excellent promotion of South African Folk Music.

27 October, 16h00 – OPTOG! Nêrens, Noord-Kaap

With Albert Pretorius, De Klerk Oelofse and Geon Nel. Text and Director: Nico Scheepers. A US Woordfees production.

Frans, Andries and Roland, brothers, have not seen each other in many years.They have to get together now for their father’s 60th birthday braai at the family farm, Nêrens. This hilarious but heartbreaking production is a follow up on the very successful comedy Amper, Vrystaat, a huge box office hit at all the Art Festivals. A perfect fit for OPTOG, very theatrical!

29 October, 16h00 – Mathys Roets – Cohen en Koos

Mathys Roets will treat his audience to his interpretation of the work of Leonard Cohen and Koos du Plessis. The music of these two musical giants, is totally unpretentious and honest and with their inspiration, Mathys looks at the position of the man in today’s world.

“I don’t even think of myself as a writer, singer or whatever. The occupation of being a man is so much more.” Leonard Cohen.

30 October, 20h00 – Sê groete vir Ma (met Hannes van Wyk)

Hannes van Wyk will be back on stage with a brand new one-man show, “Sê Groete Vir Ma” on 30th October at the Atterbury Theatre.

The text was written by Desiré Gardner and produced by Sandra Prinsloo and tells the story of Regardt Roberts, a sensitive child growing up on a farm , his mother, the center of his life, his father, not too clever brother, Dewaldt and his pet chicken, Knoop. A journey of love and humor, of growing old and the inevitable pain of sickness.

This is a story for every member of a family, f or everyone who has, or had, or is a mother with humor and tears, brilliantly performed by the talented Hannes van Wyk.

The end of 2019 is just round the corner and in this busy, stressful time it is so important to relax and the theatre offers the best opportunities, also the best yearend – functions – a dinner at one of our great  restaurants and an excellent show, we would also love to arrange it for you!

Theatre greetings,