Dear Atterbury Theatre friends, clients and artists,

The announcement of the President last night was received by the whole country with gratitude for the leadership taken midst great uncertainty. Given all that we do not know, we do know that our nation will unite to see this through and believe that we will all return to our normal routine again.

Atterbury Theatre exists for our clients and artists and we aim to look out for everyone to the best of our ability. We are obligated to cancel our public attendance with immediate effect – for now till the end of April, depending on future development.


We empathize with every person who has spent money to buy a ticket for a forthcoming show, have understanding for each question that’s been asked and would like to offer you the following options:

  1. Retain your ticket as credit for any future show; your unique
    barcode will serve as proof –Click here.
  2. Claim back your ticket fee –Click here.
  3. Donate your ticket fee to the specific artist/s or show
    – Click here.

Live Streaming/ Broadcast

We are currently investigating exciting options for high definition live streaming online. Details to follow soon!

In short:

We appreciate your continued support throughout the past 10 years and 3,000 shows and sincerely hope to be able to welcome you at the theatre very soon to celebrate our culture, artists and actors. Whether live or virtually, we remain your partner in the arts and cherish our relationship with you, keeping our eyes on the future!

Kind regards,

The Atterbury Theatre Team.